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Medicare Resources on the Internet

Internet resources increasingly assist senior citizens find answers to our most pressing concerns. Among the top 10 concerns of seniors is health. And that almost immediately takes us to health insurance and Medicare and all of those related issues.  Many of us have a lot of questions, and we know we can find answers on the Internet, but we may have to go to several sites before we get all the answers we are seeking.

Not any more.  Web designers are getting savvy about how to create sites that better serve seniors.  Among those we found recently is the one-stop-shopping site for seniors looking for information about Medicare and Medigap policies. Some of us just want the information so we can stay current on news and information about our health care programs.  Others, like the millions of Baby Boomers beginning to look at various Medicare, Medicare Advantage and Medigap plans, need the information so they can make educated choices about coverage they will have when they reach 65.

Medicare Supplemental Health Insurance is available on the Internet, providing an easy to understand means for learning about Medicare and making choices from a variety of options available about which policy will best serve your needs.  You can read everything you need to learn about Medicare and Medigap policies, and then you can find what Medicare Supplement Plans are available in your state.  Once you click on the link for your state, you are taken to a page where you can review all the available plans and begin to narrow your choices.

The Ease of One-Stop Internet Shopping

Why would a senior want to shop on the Internet?  What are the advantages?  Let’s take a look at why more and more seniors are using the Internet not only for information gathering, but also for shopping.

Just last week we placed three separate orders for items we purchased on the Internet.  Granted, we paid shipping charges.  We did not pay sales tax.  We also saved on gas and time we would otherwise have spent driving around looking for what we wanted. All three purchases will be delivered to our front door.  We’ve been shopping like this for years.

Ease of Internet shopping for Medicare plans and Medigap policies is available for seniors.  You can spend time driving around to various vendors who sell policies, and you can go to the local Social Security Office to get information and sign up for Medicare, or you can do all that from the comfort of your home using the Internet. If you are leery about using the Internet for such an endeavor, get your kids or a trusted friend to help.

One-stop shopping at its best, and you didn’t have to burn any gas to do it.


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