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More Medicare Resources

Senior Citizen Journal remains committed to bring the best of Internet resources to our senior readers. We found another this week.

AARP recently published The Medicare Program: A Brief Overview. This seven-page document offers information in every area of the Medicare program that you might want to explore. Thanks to Megan Multack and the AARP Public Policy Institute for this information:

  • What is Medicare? An excellent, brief explanation of the program and its purpose.
  • What Services Does Medicare Cover in 2012?  An explanation of coverage in Parts A, B and D.
  • Whom Does Medicare Cover?  A description of American citizens who receive Medicare benefits, including senior citizens and those individuals with disabilities.  Some very helpful demographics about Medicare recipients is offered.
  • How are Medicare-Covered Services Delivered?  This section describes all four parts of Medicare and explains each one, including Part C, the alternative to Original Medicare.
  • How is Medicare Financed? Payroll taxes finance the majority of Medicare benefits.  Some interest from the Medicare Trust Fund and Social Security also goes to pay Medicare benefits.
  • How Much Does Medicare Spend? This section offers a good overview of what is spent in the various parts of Medicare.

SCJ readers are encouraged to go to the AARP site to read the document in its entirety.  It is a PDF file, so you can even download it and print it for your own use.  A great resource for all seniors!

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