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Changes in Health Care Laws Help Seniors

The changes brought by the Affordable Health Care Act are already helping senior citizens better manage their health care at a lower out of pocket cost, in spite of the recent scam reports. Seniors have saved $460M on prescription drugs since the law passed.  Almost one million people in the ‘doughnut hole’ category received a 50% discount on prescription drugs. More importantly, 17 million seniors received potentially lifesaving preventive care in the form of screenings for serious disease and illness, with no copays or deductibles.  The Medicare free annual wellness visit is still a popular item for many seniors.  Half of Medicare beneficiaries received free preventive care of one kind or another. has a wealth of information and documentation about the realized benefits of the Affordable Health Care Act, particularly for millions of senior citizens. Be sure to check out the website.


So why are some politicians claiming the Health Care Act isn’t working and should be repealed?  The basic issue is a question of what entities should manage health care:  1) private health insurance companies, or 2) the federal and state governments.  It’s a belief system that is legitimately debated, and has been so, for the last gazillion decades.

The private insurance side says they can hold down the cost of health care through competition, and they are in a better position financially and socially to manage health care.

On the other side, many people claim the government can do a better job holding down the cost because they are essentially a ‘non-profit’ entity and do not have to satisfy stock holders and make a profit on the backs of people who need health care.

Both sides have legitimate claims. But if we peel the layers off the onion, we begin to see that ultimately, large insurance corporations have a bottom line: Make a profit. They are in business to provide products and services that make a profit for their shareholders.  Providing the products and services are a conduit to the final goal: Make as much of a profit as possible.

Medicare is working. We seniors like it.  We’re getting better and better health care, and our costs are going down.  The Affordable Health Care Act is working. And in 2014 the majority of services and coverage will kick in.  We like that plan.

Be sure you know, when you cast votes for representatives, how they stand on this very important issue.   SCJ encourages you to vote for political candidates who support Medicare and the Affordable Health Care Act.

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