World’s End: This Just Can’t Be

May 21st, 2011 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Some are preparing, packing and preaching toward the world’s end today ,Saturday, May 21.  No matter the pronouncements of doom and those who follow such, we say “this just can’t be.”  There are very practical and convincing reasons that it won’t happen.  For those of you whose distress ratio increases when met with disagreement, we are so sorry.  But, after all, when you review our list of reasons that this just can’t happen, you will understand the major inconvenience and interruption this will cause in so many plans that are being made for that day.

Reasons “this just can’t happen:”  First of all, do you have any idea how many weddings are planned for that significant and special day. Invitations have been sent, caterers engaged, ministers prepped, bridesmaids and groomsmen scrubbed and tux-ed, the reception and band arranged for, debt increased, parents anxious, grandparents en route.  My, this just can’t happen.

Most hospitals will be prepared for scores of babies to be delivered on that day.  The waiting rooms will be readied, the physicians and nursing staff in place.  World’s end can’t happen.  Look at all the things that would have to be rescheduled.

Sales are already on tap for that Saturday in anticipation of those weddings, graduations and even Father’s Day, usually an easy holiday to overlook. 

Soccer, T Ball Games and other active enterprises are all scheduled for Saturdays.  Disappointing all the teams, players, coaches and crowds who gather to see them is really not a good move.

Speaking of graduations, how will all the Commencement speakers be notified in time?  What about all those caps and gowns that are freshly pressed, the diplomas printed and signed, the parents who have looked forward to this moment.  After all, the kid(s) will soon be heading back home to live.

This just can’t happen!  There is too much at stake.  After all, the Seventh Day Adventists will have to cancel services, Synagogue schedules will be compromised, Jehovah’s Witnesses have already scheduled door to door callers to make their rounds. 

So, how could the world come to an end on such an auspicious day. It would be better if it came on a Monday.  Government employees could get the day off.  Since most schools will be out, there will be no need to declare a holiday.  In Canada, the populace will be celebrating Victoria Day, not a good time for them to divert their attention to other matters.  It comes three days before our grandson’s graduation.  There is no way we can miss that. 

Will airlines cancel and allow re-booking of flights for such an excuse or event as this?  We doubt it.  Let’s get practical here. 

No, this just can’t happen!  There are so many other things that interfere with this long touted, occasionally feared, very inconvenient and impractical moment, that there is no need or way that most of us can crowd it into an already overcrowded schedule.  You will just have to get the committee together again, perhaps on a Sunday afternoon, or a week from Saturday, recognizing the limitations of that day as well, to ascertain when this event can be rescheduled for the convenience of more of us.  Maybe, it will have to be delayed for another year or decade or millennium.  Maybe it will have to be put at a time when most people are somewhat more flexible with their schedules.  Maybe, if you can hold it off for as long as another million years, it will be more readily accepted.  Of course, perhaps not.  For, likely, such an occasion is no more likely to occur then than now. 

By the way, wake me when its over.

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