Wise and True Compassion, a Prescription for Retirement

Jun 11th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

One of the things I love most is my fellow senior (and junior!) citizens who find compassion to be the emotion they express most.  The other day I was with two of my granddaughters who have cultivated unusually healthy doses of compassion. They enjoy speaking to people they meet in passing;  they love to open and hold doors for older persons.  They share a sense of life’s goodness with others, without expectation of any return.

In this current deteriorating climate when hate seems to be both epidemic and endemic to our times, it is refreshing to run across any one who has set aside the treasure of kindness, goodness, thoughtfulness and find themselves  willing to share it with others.

Poetry was once a means for communicating genuine good thoughts and feelings.  It is almost a lost art.  Prose was expressed in ways which was aimed at hitting the heart with warmth, tenderness, and caring.  We are now beset by so much bitterness and hate and  rancor and wicked behavior that it becomes difficult to find positive signs of conduct.  To what can those who find themselves despising others, their beliefs, their race, their nationality attribute such grievous and mean attitudes and behavior?  But it seems on the rise.  There is no justification for using homicide to address issues of ideology.  There is no way to justify hate as a motivation for declaring war on others or another.  If this is the level to which “civilization” has sunk yet again, we can declare that all our attempts at attempting to create a better world, a world of peace and hope have been for naught. 

A sadness for some, who have met their declining years, is to be met with a world abundant in despair and poor in  grace.  If our lives have counted for nothing more than building a world of greed,  infidelity, forgery, treachery , distrust and  deception then our discouragement and heartbreak is justified.  If the best we can leave our children is a world in which all our resources have been exhausted, our better qualities abandoned, our loyalty to what is honest and good and true wasted then the world we are leaving behind, as we grow daily older, will be the world our inheritors will either rebuild or continue to participate in destroying.

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