Will We Ever Get Through This?

Feb 23rd, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

How closely are you watching your resources these days?  It feels as if the demands are greater than the resources, stretching the income to meet the outgo is becoming more and more of a challenge.  Monthly reviews of the financial picture create the very real question of  “Will we ever get through this?”  When I visit with perfect strangers, I find them ready to admit that their spending habits have had to be adjusted proportionately to their economic condition.  Everybody seems to be trimming back, and yet we were in a restaurant the other day and one of our party observed, “Is there really an economic downturn?”  Every table was full. 

Unless we are just fooling ourselves, or people are just living it up before the big next big cataclysm comes, there either is or there isn’t as big a worry as we may think.  Somehow, I still feel uncomfortable when reaching for the wallet. 

In the meantime, my sense is that more and more of us are exercising a tightening of our purse strings.  Some of the signs are out there and are quite telling.  I went into a laundry the other day and inquired why we weren’t receiving discount coupons in the mail any longer.  They opined that the cost was too high for sending them in the downturn.  I went to another laundry, who not only had coupons, but whose price was a quarter per piece less expensive.  

We also own a Toyoto.  We finally took our car for the Recall and found that it needed attention in three areas.  One of the three I didn’t even know about.  My three year old car with 68k miles had $1500 of work done on it, all at the expense of the Toyoto company.  I am only grateful it was covered by the company.

So, it pays to stay alert, to head off problems that may end up costing you when someone else can pick up the tab.  We will get through this, but not without using common sense, prudence and good judgment. It isn’t an easy time and it has hidden demons hiding everywhere.  Watch out, use caution. Be wise and we will make it through this and whatever comes next.

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