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Care-Giving and Care-Taking

With all the outlets for caring expressed this time of year, why should seniors care?  Why should seniors need to participate in the giving and caring for others so urged on by so many charitable organizations, groups, churches, and sundry not for profits?

It’s quite simple, because many of us have both the wherewithal to give and in not a few cases have been the recipients of caring from others.

The down to earth fact is that the holidays exact from us the very spirit of the occasion.  Giving to others, demonstrating deep concern for their life condition, collecting essential needs including food, clothing, blankets, toys for children, and any number of other helpful contributions that help make the season that it is touted to be:  an occasion for assisting neighbors, showing charity, letting our better natures come to the fore.

If we do not yield to the promptings for kindness now, when shall we?   If we do not find in our hearts the nudging of good will, will it ever come?  If we turn our backs in finding ways to offer our resources to those whose needs are so real, when shall we ever discover our own need to be benevolent?

Someone else will do it, we might say.  But for everyone of us who chooses to be charitable, that is one less homeless family, one less child doing without, one less cold and hungry person with his/her hand out.

Need is Staggering

Around the world the needs of human beings are overwhelming. Right here in our own communities, the numbers are staggering.  Health conditions cry out for medical assistance. Poverty makes its presence known in so many real and desperate ways.  A $10 turkey won’t solve all the problems, but it may solve one of them on one day.  A set of new clothes for a poor youngster who has no shoes won’t change the world, but it may bring joy to one person’s life. A Salvation Army contribution won’t cure all the hurts and pain known by so many, but it may address a few.

No matter what else is included in our plans and festive enjoyment of the season, a part of it all needs to be that we show our desire to care, that we understand the hope offered in giving, that we find in our own hearts the generous motivation to give.

More to the point of charitable giving, is charitable living.  A one time seasonal gift may help us feel good, may suggest we are among the kind, but having an attitude that works to see systems change and social policies reflect revolutionary caring every day reflects the real spirit of giving.

A sack of apples and oranges may seem like a worthy gift, but a bundle of advocacy in behalf of those who need much more than a bag of fruit will last much longer and make a much greater imprint on those whose needs are great and whose gratitude will be genuine.

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