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Seniors Define Mondays

Sundays offer a sterling opportunity for clearing out the clutter that so often accumulates during the week.  Mondays present a second chance to do what we might have done on Sunday. Some folk choose Sundays as the occasion to reignite spiritual synergy by attending church.  Some choose golf. Others go to weekend events that draw large crowds.  Of course this epistle is addressed mostly to retirees, seniors and other sundry folk with flexibility in their schedules.

What one does not achieve on Sunday can be deferred to Monday.  Mondays make for those occasions when we can play catch up.

Get Rid of ‘Oughts’ and ‘Shoulds’

Life for seniors ought not be filled with oughts. It should not be driven by shoulds.  Mondays are best reserved for doing what makes for the most comfortable and easy going left over stuff.  It is, as a matter of fact, kinda like left overs.  It provides for warming up what is left from Sunday’s big meal.  It doesn’t stand on ceremony.  It is a casual day.

When whatever has been accomplished, if you really wish to put it in such a category, then on to whatever can be your next step. Carve the day to fit whatever you want it to. Make it so that you are beneficiary of a put your feet up, put off whatever you wish kind of “oh well that can wait until tomorrow” day.  There is no rule that says everything absolutely has to be accomplished on Monday.

Part of a good mental health regimen for seniors is discovering that urgency just isn’t that important. Accomplishment doesn’t necessarily earn us any gold stars on our to do list.  Fulfillment may better come when you have taken your time to do whatever awaits.

So, as Sunday melts into Monday and Monday lists lazily along let your life be ordered not so much by musts as it is by easy going choices to do whatever it is you feel like doing. Give yourself permission to listen for the birdsong, take an easy going walk, watching for budding flowers, taking deep breaths and even whistling a tune.  Mondays, remember, offer that second chance to be and do what Sunday might have been.

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