Why is Today Not Like Yesterday?

Apr 23rd, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Predictability and routine are favorite haunts of seniors. Settling in to the familiar seems to offer a sense of security and serenity. Some predictability and routine is quite alright. Too much can be enormously boring. How does one achieve balance between being driven into hyperactivity and do nothingness?

A friend of mine literally drives her husband, and any others who allow her, into a constant flurry of daily, weekly, nightly social involvement. The efforts range from meetings to parties, to lectures, to musical events, to clubs, to private affairs, to one shot occasions, to museums, to shows, to committees and boards, and on and on.

Encounters frequently are introduced with “oh, by the way did you see or have you done x, y or z?” And, ends with “you really should, you know!”

Suffering from the need to be extraordinarily busy suggests need for companionship and activity, and may imply a greater loneliness.

It is good that everyday is not a duplicate of the other, but it is also good to mix some continuity with variety. Today and yesterday offer their own unique gifts. One day does not need to be like another. But neither should everyday be expected to be a duplicate of the one just past. Balance it out, so that boredom is held off and variety is given permission.

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