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Facebook is Not For Everyone

To be sure there are some attractions and residual appeal left to visiting Facebook.  But, and that’s no small but, there is much about it that is addictive and just downright tiring.  I suppose for some, younger and generated by fascination, that is the hallmark of much of what comes through on the largest blog there is, it maintains its appeal.  For others, of us who have “been there, done that” Facebook represents a fad of sorts that holds attention by its various attention getting methods. No longer so, for others of us.

Increasingly, at least in conversations, I am discovering how many are dropping out and leaving the mystique, if that is what it is, of Facebook behind. There is enough “sameness” about it that leads to, well, nowhere, that many are beginning, in fact, to search elsewhere for stimulation formerly found in Facebook.

Relevant Reading

Already, Facebook is generating its own search for relevance.  Already, there are others who find much more satisfaction and fact based information in previously perceived stodgy on line locations as the New York Times and others and so are going there.

There are other visitations that some of us are finding to be a little far fetched in a great deal of its coverage.  The Huffington Post seems to tend more and more to sensational.  Long ago, tabloids tried all the tricks and found them failing in attracting and appealing to genuinely intelligent audiences.

The more stuff there is, the more there is likely to be.  That may sound like a cliche in itself, but it seems that as desperation builds a higher mountain and volume, a louder crescendo, there is need for more and more authentic criticism and investigation of the quality of material we read and search out.

So it is with Facebook and other of the overwhelming attacks upon our attention and tolerance.

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