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Original Thoughts vs Cliches

Coming up with original thoughts, ideas and comments is not that large a challenge.  Relying on cliches suggests a laziness and lack of imagination that locks the door to creativity. Having the motivation to push beyond the ordinary are exercises in welcoming wonder into our life experience.  Staying  within confining boundaries and refusing to allow our minds to be stirred suggests a lethargy not worthy of an exploring spirit.

Deciding to wander outside the limitations of what seem to be required confinement suggests a lack of courage, a dearth of creativity, a willingness to push beyond, a readiness to look further and an attitude of risk and chance that welcomes new possibilities.

It comes in the thoughts we choose to think, in the ideas we are comfortable in exploring,behind the doors we are prepared to open.

Seniors Live Outside the Box

People I have known who have lived with fewer restrictions and had fewer rules and sought to get outside the box are more enchanting, stimulating and life giving people. They aren’t afraid.  They choose for their universe to be enlarged, for their horizons to be pushed ever outward.

What makes such a person?  Isn’t it that they aren’t held captive by cliches.  Isn’t it obvious that originality holds more fascination, that the unique has more appeal, that pushing the boundaries offers more intrigue than relying on what has already been done, said, illustrated, expressed?

Look for the unusual.  Uncover the extraordinary.  Pursue the unknown. Reach out for the undefined.

Even in our senior years, it is yet possible for the adventures of living to take on marvelously magnificent dimensions we have never seen or heard or known before.

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