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The Need for Change

Seniors must be compelled to wonder when the time will come that Americans raise their protests over the increasingly inadequate governance of our nation? Almost any direction one turns these days, there is evidence of a growing distrust and disapproval of the nation’s poor state of affairs.

The arrogance of political “leaders” suggests that they  are not held accountable for their actions, inactions and reactions on the playing field of governing this nation with reason and conscience.  Lack of any honest perception in weaving a fabric of honesty and integrity into the cloak of our nation is now a given.  There is no demonstration of the very essentials of national pride.  Self interest and running rough shod over the body politic, seems to be the  order  of the day. There is an occasional hint of hope.  Among polls taken to get a reading on the pulse of the public, there is some suggestion of an informed electorate.

Hope for the Future

If, within the next several months, the body politic becomes more viciously inclined to show disregard for more and more of the voters’ desires, there may emerge more serious conflicts.  If so, then it is possible the time will have come for the American public to seize upon its righteous indignation. The chambers of government will have come to that moment when those who elect are seen as the ones who govern.  The ones who govern will have come to a clear understanding that those who presume power really have no power at all unless we who vote grant it to them.

The time will have come when government of, by and for the people will be the guiding principle and the pretense of phony leadership will be exposed for what it is.

Such a time will and can come among those who take seriously their role as citizens, their task at leading, their responsibility for being the government we deserve, not one we allow by default.

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