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Retirement is No Happiness-Guarantee

When will seniors get the idea that there is no guaranteed, automatic, bound-to-be-there-for-us assurance that our futures in retirement are protected? It is more than discomfiting to observe seniors waving banners with misspelled words and bad language protesting the government’s efforts to protect and defend what “entitlements” we still enjoy.

There is little to no indication that current day ideology is being preserved and protected so that those who are older, have paid their dues will have some assurances that economic and other serious priority needs will continue to be defended in our behalf. “Entitlements” is a joke.  There are those who are doing all they  can to deny elders of expected income to have a somewhat protected old age.  When those who  are of the age we are now and some of those defenses have been demobilized, what will be their disposition be then?  How will they have gone about protecting their own incomes, making them exempt from laws that a number of years ago made sense, but now affect their incomes directly, what then?

It is going to take wherewithal and courage and political savvy to head off the shenanigans that will start soon to deny means for support of older persons.  There will be attempts to cut back in the name of frugal fiscal management.  There will be efforts to frighten the older ones who are less critical of those in power than we might be.

Seniors Demonstrate Political Savvy

It will take a willingness to  communicate disagreement and to express such to congress persons, who are not stars, but only our representatives, hired at that, to take care of our futures and the future of America. Now is the time to knock the chip off some shoulders, to remove the sense of privilege that too many in Congress assume is the God endowed right.

More than that it will take a sense of being as smart as we have been led to  believe our leaders are.  If we do that, maybe the threat of intimidation and forthrightness will start to make a difference.  If we lean back to declare someone else can do all this, but not me, then we will have given up the fight and it will be lost before it starts.

Let’s not do that to ourselves or to those who come after.  Let’s take up the plow  shares and get to plowing; let’s  be ready to sow what we reap; let’s stand tall and look those in the eye who need to know we are just as strong and mighty as they are.

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