When Should I Downsize?

Apr 21st, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Choosing to downsize is no small undertaking. Trying to sort out why you should, how to go about it, what will be at stake all play into the equation. Clearly, it is a time consuming, emotionally wrenching, labor intensive process. Somehow, someday it has to be done. But, when?

There are a series of introspective and practical questions which need to be included in any argument with yourself regarding downsizing.

These are some:

*Am I ready? Are you really ready to let go of stuff accumulated over a life time? It gets no easier whatever your age. I literally have toys from my childhood. What am I to do with those? Who will want them? What do I do with papers and documents which have meaning for me/us but no one else?

*Can I do it? This may apply both to physical acumen and emotioanl choice. It is, as mentioned, labor intensive. Who can, will help? Do I want some one around while I go through the struggle of letting go?

*Do I have other agendas that I would enjoy if I had less to anchor me in one place? This is probably the most realistic question of all. Particularly if health is good and there are unsung songs, undone deeds, then this one may play high on the list.

*How can I rid myself of heirlooms and genuinely valuable items that have great family significance? Depending on the family, this will be one of the hardest considerations to wrestle with.

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