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Thoughtful Planning Recommended

Seniors come to that time when making  the choice for what might be expected to be your last move. It is no easy choice and it is one chock full of implications and ramifications.

Most of us deal with such an issue as unlikely and way off.  Thus, such a discussion is without merit.  Much like putting affairs in order at the time of one’s expected (yep, expected) death is not deserving of immediate attention.  That can come later.  Right now, things are going reasonably well.  Presently there are enough irons in the fire, that I surely don’t need to add this one.

As time begins to nudge us, however, and the issue is somehow introduced, delay is not the best, only or most wise choice among those to consider.

However, and if, one begins ruminating on the options there are a few words of caution to put forth for evaluation.

Questions to Review when Planning a Move

These are among those:

+Be sure you and your partner or spouse are in agreement to at least open the subject.

+Look at time lines.  How soon, immediate do you feel such a move might be imminent.

+What are the big issues to resolve?

+Is such a move even practical?

+What  are the goals you are trying to accomplish in such a move?

+Do you have a location in mind?  If not, how will you go about choosing one?

+What are the economic considerations?

+How  much time will you need from decision to move will you need?

+How much of your belongings will you want to keep, sell or give away?

+How does such a move affect your life style?

+How do others in your family feel about such an undertaking?

+What difference does it make?

+Once made, are there any points along the way that you can reverse your choice?

+How honest can I be with my spouse/partner about my feelings in this undertaking?

+If conflict emerges, how do I/we manage our differences?

+If after the fact, i.e. the move, how does one deal with regret and disappointment?

+How does one avoid having regret and disappointment, so that the move is pleasant and satisfying to everyone intimately involved?

There are likely other issues, being up front about all of them will assist coming to a fork in the road.  When you have, take it!

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