When I Look Forward, What Do I Want to See? More Senior Musings

Mar 31st, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Looking Forward remains a gift for persons in their senior years.  Giving up on life is not a given, once you pass certain mile posts.  Seventy, Eighty, even Ninety are points at which certain givens occur and some dynamics have to be acknowledged.  Giving up is not one of them. 

In my family, there are two of our elders who are fit and productive past 90.  That is no small achievement, but it is one that is increasingly occurring within families.  So the question  “When I look forward, what do I want to see,” is not without genuine prospect.

Looking forward continues to cultivate energy for living.  Having an attitude that presumes a future is a positive one that enables planning.  Living as if there is a tomorrow likely assures that there will be.  Heading off illness and depression with positive thinking can keep your body, mind and spirit active and pro-active.

Looking forward means including others in your expectations.   Keeping in touch with friends and family enables having something to look forward to.  Sorting out projects that allow you to use your hands, mind and feet will keep you up and about and involved. Decding you can do almost anything you want to do, no matter your age,  allows you to remain in the middle of things. Persons who give up too early do so at the peril of their own losses:  an active body, an imaginative mind, a happy heart. 

The other day we enjoyed a late afternoon cocktail with my 95 year old father in law and his spouse, who is 84,  When we arrived, all was in readiness and we sat on the patio by their pool.  He was in great spirits, rehearsing for us the theme song to the old Barney Google show. We were regaled with his humor and our laughter.  It was a moment for future memories, but more it was an immediate experience in full enjoyment.    

Looking forward does not need to be filled with the despair of “I don’t have long.”  It can rather be, whatever time I have can be rich and full and fun.  The latter seems to be  a lot more satisfying, as one looks forward.

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