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When Tragedy Strikes

How many times of late have we heard the cry, “We never expected ‘this’ to happen in our town!”  “This” of course refers to the latest tragedy, turmoil, death, disaster, or crisis having taken place in one’s own community.

We perceive our own environments as peaceful, tranquil, serene and predictable.  More and more they are not.  The epidemic growing and spreading across the American landscape seems to be out of proportion.  The frightening proportion of painful experiences touching growing numbers of families and individuals seems out of hand.

Bad seems literally to have turned to worse.  Children are not exempt.  Law officers are even not protected.  The overwhelming natural occurrences seem to be greater in the mass of those affected.   Costs run into figures never before imagined.  Small towns, once the haven of many, now seem to be the target of all kinds of cataclysmic events.

Bad has turned to worse.  Why? is the overarching question.  There seems to be no place sufficiently calm in the midst of all these cruel events taking place across the nation.  It isn’t just the madness of individuals, nor is it the suddenly black and blue storms from the skies.  It is unheard of, unseen before, never experienced or imagined horrors of the hand of man or sudden forces of nature that come  quickly and create damage and death suddenly.

For many, their homes and all their belongings have been struck from hand and memory.   There is literally nothing left.  Bad has picked up every piece of precious possession and thrown it with the wind.

Turn to Something Better

What is left now is to turn the bad into something better. Hard to do in the face of such devastatingly terrible demolition and loss.  Particularly is the bad scathingly hurtful when the loss includes one who is loved.

Turning the bad into better, even when it is so painfully sad, is often the only choice we have.  Turning the reality of pain into the lessons that come with missing and losing and aching becomes the option not desired but necessary.

It can’t happen here is often the wail of those who, in the aftermath, must learn to cope with bad becoming worse,while  praying and hoping for good becoming better.

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