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Seniors Plan Ahead

If you are retired, even though not yet 65, and  your house is on the market, but not yet sold, start now sorting, pitching, tossing, eliminating, selling, donating, giving away and discarding.

Remember how many years it took you to accumulate everything now in your possession.  Recall how you just had to have certain collectibles, how you tricked and coerced your spouse into buying that item, how you walked away from an estate sale with more stuff than you needed.

Now, with a move imminent, it is time to bite the bullet. Although closing may be weeks away, start now, right now.  All of those Commemorative Pieces, Magazines, Souvenirs now must be redistributed.  If, like me, you still have things kept from your childhood, it may be harder to bite the bullet.  Why we ever think that some of these things hold such enormous value, such undeniable sentiment, such attachment, we are not likely to know.  But they do.  And it doesn’t get easier as  you grow older to discard them.

Choosing what will be eliminated may be more of an emotional challenge than you realized.  Sentiment runs deep.  A part of you can be attached to a long kept toy, a favorite book, a special card or note, a collected item from your early childhood.

Thus, the challenge and difficulty in ridding yourself of all that that came to mean so much, but you never even bothered to sort through.   It might be wise to wear a sleep mask and just pick an item and toss each item in a can or a plastic bag and never look back.

Look to the Future

If you are against a timeline, it will be all the more challenging to try to go through your stuff piece by piece, item by item.  If you aren’t under a Burn Ban, a bonfire might be advised, coupled with a family celebration of a good past and the anticipation of a remarkable future.  Hanging on to stuff is a habit, likely a bad habit.  Finding the wherewithal to free yourself from keeping and hanging on to things may be a good way to open wider the doors of change and opportunity ahead of you.

In any event, it is also practical to seize the moment and let go of stuff.  It will cost you less to move.  It will be less tiring.  It will be more enjoyable not to have to dump so much garbage.  Take charge of your belongings and let yesterday in all its manifestations go.

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