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Just Another Day, Seniors

For those seniors, elders, generians of whatever ilk, for all who have prepared for the end of the world today, 12/12/12, looks like we get another delay. So far, where we live anyway, and we are a couple of hours away from where a lot of the folk live who would have already had their demise reported, looks as if it ain’t gonna happen.  Not today.

Cars pass by our home, appearing to be enroute to the job of their driver, a few have walked by, getting their routine morning exercise, the school bus is delivering pupils to school.  Pretty normal.  Nothing disturbing.  How many of these do we have to go through before no one takes them seriously any more.  Change, most of us I think believe, happens.  But this business of locking down the entire earth, perhaps solar system in one day, appears to be a lot of hooey.

It’s a Fairly Normal Day

First thing this morning, I read my Facebook messages.  Everything on the up and up there.  I went to retrieve my email.  Same ol’ same ol’.  Oops, there went another car.  On my second cup of coffee, still nothing unusual.  Dogs are resting nearby.  All is at peace.

The “near” passage of an asteroid notwithstanding, no other possible catastrophe seemed imminent. The behaviors and misbehaviors of humans seemed to move on at its predictable pace.

The only really neat thing I found happening possibly today is that dear friends are hoping their baby boy arrives on this date: 12/12/12.  What a neat day to be born.  Just think of all the advantages when filling out forms.

For those who got all worked up, I think the word is prepped, looks as if you better recheck the expiration dates on all your meds, canned goods and other hoarded products.  They may not hold out until the next “O, my gosh” moment is predicted.




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