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Mar 2nd, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Naïveté is one of our most wonderful satisfactions. It allows us to go blithely about our way without anticipating consequences. It gives us the chance to close our eyes, or at least wink at some of the barricades that create roadblocks along the way.

For senior citizens who typically flock to the southwest, encountering some serious roadblocks today is a widely reported and very threatening reality.

Persons who typically travel to the Arizona-Mexico, California-Mexico, New Mexico-Mexico or Texas-Mexico Borders need to apprise themselves of the significant warnings and dangers posted along these areas. Government agencies, including, Army bases, Church Mission groups and others are being given very strict information regarding the risks of crossing these borders.

Older persons who enjoy purchasing their medications at reduced prices in Mexico may want to consider foregoing that savings during this period of high alert. Excursions into Mexico for sight seeing should be reevaluated.

College or high school students especially should not plan a spring break holiday in these areas.

Such warnings are not intended to be alarmist, but offer common sense judgment at a volatile time. Drug cartels are exercising their tactics of intimidation and violence. Persons who are tourists should steer clear of literal cross fire.

In the face of such extreme danger, it seems prudent to avoid these areas.

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