What Makes for a Happy Holiday at Your House?

Dec 23rd, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Whatever greeting you attach to it, whatever tradition you call upon, whatever festive occasion your family embraces during the month of  December it likely carries with it lots of trappings that help to reinforce what the day(s) surrounding it mean. 

It need not fit into some kind of presupposed mold in order to succeed at prompting sentiment, significance, or serendipity. Your house need not be festooned with all the blow up figures now available in giant size.  Your electric bill need not zoom into four digits in order to be merry and bright.

It needs  only the sincerity of a well meaning wish to others.  It can be “Happy Chanukah;”  “Merry Christmas,” ” Happy Holidays,” “Kwanzaa greetings,” ” Peace on Earth, “”God Bless Us Everyone,” or a multitude of other greeting formulae that may fit your circumstances. 

It isn’t alone what is said, as much as it is how it is said and meant.  Genuinely shared  greetings usually account for genuinely felt emotions that accompany any greeting.  If you mean it, your face and your voice will communicate the depth of your message.  It  will demonstrate the flavor of the holiday in your home this year.  It will proclaim all the feelings that combine to wish for others  joy and peace and the strength of hope. 

Allow your personal greetings to reflect the same spirit you are creating in your own home.  Encourage others to respond to your communication of caring in similar ways.  Give permission to others to begin experiencing, right now,  the energy of the holiday and its bright lights which will lead us home.

Find for yourself something more in the greetings  you say and those you receive to be other than trite cliches.  Let the greeting somehow be spread abroad that gives us all hope: “Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All.”

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