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Junk, Junk, Junk!

There are some things I won’t miss in Saturday’s mail. I won’t miss the mail delivery person having to make a stop at my mail box to drop off useless materials that have no redeeming value.  I won’t miss the mail having to be delivered by someone who would better have the day off.  I won’t miss dismissing the variety of junque that comes on Saturday, urging me to go to the mail box, even when it is a trip of no consequence.

There are more and more things like Saturday’s mail that need evaluating and likely being eliminated from our lives.  What’s wrong with our finding ways to head off the flood of materials that we didn’t ask for, don’t need, won’t use, has no value in or for our lives, contributes to many more trees being cut down in our forests?

There are many wastes to which we subconsciously contribute, just because we allow them to be dumped at our front door, inserted in our mail box, and now even heralded via the telephone or texted over our cell phones.

The more we allow permission to encourage these innocuous messages to interfere with our lives, our privacy, our preventing such clutter to invade us, the more will come.

Intrusions Come in Many Forms

Am I being impolite?  Is this rude behavior, just to request that all of the stuff that crowds our lives, unwanted, undesired not be given entree into my home? Even some “religious”  groups presume to have right of way to ring our bell or knock on our door seeking to have me receive their materials, again unrequested.

The daily newspaper, to which I subscribe, dares to further its reach, when daily it is stuffed with advertising I had rather not have added to my recycling bin.  Enough! No more!  This is taking privilege with my having decided to receive your paper in my driveway.  I should have the option to refuse all the additional stuff.  Just let me have the privilege of saying “No, thank you.”

Can we please be granted some options of choice, the practical courtesy of refusal, the right to ask, “what does your offer include, what may I exclude?” Of course, I do have the option, much like solicitation phone calls….just say no and hang up.  How wonderful that would be if it extended to all the other means of invasion that storm our front doors, clutter our driveways, stuff our mail boxes and overflow our land fills.

Preventing the slaughter of more trees would also  serve our world better.

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