What I Wish I Could Offer!

Aug 24th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

I wish I could offer you the promise that if you read this “it will change your life!”  So many advertisements, commercials, promotions, even free offers make this guarantee.  Senior Citizen Journal is neither audacious, bold or insulting enough to make such a claim.  But, were it in our power it would be a gift that sharing with those who come to visit us here would certainly deserve. 

What we know is that “changing One’s life” is really up to us.  It doesn’t come from some external source, some potion, some magic formula, some latest bestseller, some pill or regimen of them, some exercise machine, some wise soothsayer, palm reader or psychic. 

Most, if not all, major revelations of spiritual history point out that the changes that are both needed and which may occur in our lives, come from within.  That internal stirring may have about it certain external inspirations and promptings which assist provoking healthy change.  The cause itself, however, is born of one’s own struggles, learnings, insights, experiences, sensitivities, and wisdom.  All of these motivations come from and grow out of our own interaction with life.  That interaction has all kinds of promptings. 

It may be that some vitamin seems to offer a certain physical assist, a book might contribute a suggestion or a hint which offers an idea for improvement.  But the hard work, the tension of the soul and body and mind seeking harmony comes from within one’s own motivation and recognition that that task is assigned to you and you alone.  

Such does not preclude one’s own search for and discovery of a spiritual source which may provide the serenity for living one seeks.  But, assuming it comes about magically and automatically is to excuse your own spirit and body and mind from a daily work routine.

Is it prayer?  Is it yoga? Is it exercise, physical or other?  Is it quiet meditation?  Is it reading some helpful guide?  Is it disciplining one’s interaction with others?  Is it sustaining a presence that is and offers serenity? Is it discovering the power of peace outside yourself and translating it inwardly? 

I wish I could offer all of the gifts of tranquil living each of us desires.  The only way I can do that is to remind ourselves that such harmony is ours to have.  Such concord, placid, still grace can be our demeanor and goal day by day.  It is a choice.  It is a giving of oneself over to a harmony and peace that exceeds understanding.

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