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Remember Acts of Kindness

As the shopping season rapidly comes to its end, reviewing what we have forgotten becomes a necessary undertaking.  So before too many more shopping days disappear, let’s think about what we have forgotten or are forgetting.  Here are some that come to mind:

  • something for our pets; those wonderful crazy creatures that bring us so much daily joy, happiness and pleasure;
  • something for a neighbor who means so much but we doubt they really know how much;
  • something for a friend who is ill, struggling with physical difficulties that will impair this year’s Christmas for him/her;
  • something for that loved one who, because of the threat of aging and the prospect of death, may not be around next year;
  • something for the people who, while paid to help us, would have a happier Christmas if we found a way to say, ‘Thank You’;
  • something for our partner who, while not expecting a gift, would do well to receive the gift of love;
  • something for that far away person whom we haven’t seen in a long while, who might just love the reminder that we still think of them often;
  • something for the motherless child across the street who often rings our doorbell;
  • something for the unemployed father who has no idea how nor means to make Christmas merry;
  • something for that estranged friend or relative who would enjoy the gift of an outstretched hand and heart;
  • something for the teachers that help children grow and learn about life;

Complete your own list of what you have forgotten, and give yourself opportunity to act on the forgotten acts of kindness in this holiday season.

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