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Making the Christmas Holiday Special

The baking is just about done.  Except for the turkey, everything else is finished.  The house is spotless, awaiting the arrival of your guests, their families and selected friends.  The last of the gifts have been wrapped and placed strategically beneath the tree.

Now what?  Beside a last minute errand or two, a review of the guest rooms, one more swipe at the floors, what is there left to do?  Here are some ideas:

GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION TO RELAX.  You and your guests will enjoy the holiday(s) more if you aren’t exhausted from making preparations.

MAKE A CUP OF HOT TEA Sip slowly, prop up y0ur feet for a while.  Enjoy the satisfaction of your labors.

READ SOMETHING INSPIRING. Choose a book with an inspirational message.  Read it, reflect on  it, put yourself in a holiday frame of mind.

MAKE A FEW PHONE CALLS. Call your closest friends, dearest neighbors, persons far away you won’t see this year.  Sip your tea and wish them the best of holidays.

SPEND TIME WITH YOUR PARTNER.  Sit together, reflect on the year past.  Share how special it is to be ready for a very special day with those you love.

FIND WAYS TO INCLUDE THOSE ALONE: With your spare time now available for other things, consider those who will spend the holiday alone, unless you choose to have them over for an evening of dessert and coffee or hot rum and scones.

CONTEMPLATE YOUR RESOLUTIONS FOR THE NEW YEAR. Like a well prepared meal, resolutions need time in order to come out just right.  Make notes.  Be ready as the new year breaks.

These are some ways to spend your extra time, if you are fortunate enough to have it.  Preparing usually brings us gifts we least expected.  So prepare now, so that for some of the time before the guests arrive, you will have had occasion to give your self a very special gift:  the satisfaction of  peaceful rest, kind thoughts and genuine consideration of others.

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