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Economy Remains Troublesome

Some years ago, one of those spaghetti western movies showed a desolate western town with a weathered sign reading WELCOME TO HARD TIMES.  The sign was a harbinger of just how bad an unkempt and struggling village could be.

These days there seem to be more of those desperate towns visible to the senior traveler, giving evidence of decline and despair. Vacant store fronts stare back at you as you stop for the one red light, still hanging at the one intersection left in the middle of town.

Long forgotten For Sale signs hang by brittle tape inside those windows.  Streets lead north to nowhere.  Immobile abandoned rusted vehicles  evoke no appeal.  One Quik Stop is the lone store that serves the few who find they better fill up before its too late. A mangy dog lies near the front door.

This is Hard Times.

There is no counting the number of such run down, lonesome and almost forgotten “wide places in the road.”

They serve as symbols of an America in decline.  They demonstrate how many such places remind us of what’s happening all across America. They are, even some of them, remnants of both dead and dying communities, once proud, once vital, but no more.

Lists of some of these include what once were pulsating and huge cities, e.g. Detroit or Flint and lesser, but nonetheless proud and contributing signs of places we enjoyed visiting. No longer.

Some Questions to Ponder

Now the greatness of America is caught in a snag of economic struggle.  The struggles of an America have become the norm, as more and more are met with the threat of stress, the danger of continuing downturn.

Increasing fear strikes at the elderly.  Houses for sale still stay much too long unoccupied.  Budgets in many of these starkly depressed places won’t allow for street improvements, affect the once vital schools and football stadiums.


And now, the houses of Congress and the leaders of our land wrestle to find ways to reignite the enthusiasm that once sparked America.  Where will the promise and prospect of a better place and time find its roots?  Where and how will those who are left with some hope muster the concern and push to try with all they have to make it come alive again?

Will hard times be the lot of America’s future?  Will the dimness of fading light be all there is showing us the way, some vibrancy to emerge which will take us out of the desolation?

Surely so!  Surely hard times cannot be our lot!  Surely the optimism and determination of the American will and can overcome the desperation of hard times.

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