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Effects of Weather on Senior Health

Whether or not the weather affects your mood depends both on you and the weather. Some seniors are met with a daily challenge to take on and win the day.   Sharon, my spouse, has had a continuing battle with SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, in which cloudy and overcast days seem to pull her down and contribute to depression and otherwise low days.  But let the sun come out and she is up and at it.

Of course, some folk claim to be in a down mood, no matter the weather.  They seek for and often find some rationale for a depressing state of mind and give permission to this disorder to order their lives.

Weather or not, the day is ours to maneuver.  Excluding SAD victims, whatever the weather, our frame of mind and our willingness for the day to be one in which we are productive, ready to take on its challenges, and determined to be in charge is ours to choose.

Today is one of those days and the forecast for much of the east and northeast and portions of the south  suggest weather conditions are likely not to be  to be too favorable.  Prepare for what’s coming, otherwise you may give in to the grumpy, grinch-y and otherwise unhappy person.

Tips for Bad Weather Days

What to do?  Read a humorous book, watch comedies, take the advice of those who have tried the “be positive” formula, invite someone over who always lifts your spirits, if there is a sunny side of the street, stay on it. Choose moods that are uplifting and invigorating.  Turn on lights that brighten an otherwise gloomy day.  Go to a movie that leaves you feeling good about yourself.  Hug and hold tight persons whose presence is always a moment of joy. Be a source of kindness, goodness and generosity.

A dear saint, whose company we always enjoyed, until her death at post 100, was a school teacher.  She often graded papers with this added note: “A” “Lovely!”  What student could not gain a boost with such encouragement.

No matter the clouds or grey skies, no matter the surrounding influences, feeling good about life is a choice, which gives us the opportunity to be an inspiration to ourselves and a stimulus to others.

There is nothing about living that requires that we choose the depressing and discouraging.  There is nothing about our attitude that means that we have to be down and despondent.  Whether or not the weather is in our favor, the choices we have enable us to be at our best, ready for what lies ahead, able to greet and seize the day.

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