Volunteer Your Way Out of Depression

Feb 4th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

A recent John Hopkins study gives strong support to volunteering, particularly to those over 70. Such studies are worth considering and taking seriously.

Boredom and sedentary habits are the curse of seniors, particularly those who are retired. Activity requires a persistent willingness to search out meaningful ways to spend one’s days. Persons who live alone are particularly vulnerable. Losing one’s spouse is a sure way to fall into the pit of depression. Having alternative means for exercise, mental stimulation, involvement with other people, keeping up a good diet, getting out of the house, creating methods for interaction even with people you don’t know are all essential agendas for the aging.

Why? For starters, longevity is a very likely result. If you want to live longer find ways to volunteer. Find ways to engage, to develop regular social intercourse with others. It may be working in a volunteer agency, delivering meals on wheels, associating with a library, a botanical garden, a tourist site, a program like the Salvation Army or Goodwill, or Thrift Store, a local hospital or nursing home, a Food Bank or social service agency, a children’s project, a playground monitor, Habitat for Humanity, the Red Cross.

If these are not enough suggestions, search your own area for ways to invest your time, energy and personality in order to extend your life.

Take your time to give your time and more time may be the reward!

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