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Senior Citizen Concerns: Aging

Three of the most important abilities Seniors protect and try to keep functional are these: vision, hearing and mobility. The first two are subject to some compromise as we age, the third frightens us, if we begin to lose it.

Communicating depends upon Vision and Hearing.  Movement enables us to carry on contact, in other ways, with the rest of the world.  All three are means by which our actions and interactions with that world get acted out. Seeing and listening are two of the ways we carry on the functioning of our person.  Loss of one or both compromises in ways we had rather not entertain.  Mobility, however, allows us to be in the world, to act out our interests and our intrigue with being and staying alive.

Keeping our senses sharp, our limbs functional allows us to be a part of what is going on around us.  Loss of sight and sound locks us in a prison, affording us little chance to be be a vital part of the waking world.

Attend to Keeping Limitations at Bay

In the case of mobility, some exercises are ordinarily required.  Resisting exercise works against your best self interest to be able to maintain and sustain normal activity. Losing the ability to walk, to move on your own means means that limitations will begin to hold you captive.  Such captivity multiplies the amount and variety of activity that you will be able to do.

Aging does not have to be an imprisoning experience. It only becomes so as the limitations increasingly take over.  Finding ways to maintain the abilities that enable activity, that are essential to our hearing and seeing, that invite others into our lives becomes increasingly important.  Delaying the doing is a sure way to introduce more and more limits.

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