Urgent All Seniors: Send Me your Bank Account # Now

Jun 26th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Is this really what I think it is?  Just another Hoax!  Where do these people come from?  What planet are they on? Yet, day after day, these phony appeals stack up on  Internet Email.  Their stories are [ppt;u yp;f/) and also poorly told.  They want to give me money by the truck loads, if I will just give them a tiny bit of information so they can transfer all this glorious, once in a lifetime, fortune to my account. What a crock!  Does anyone really believe this kind of come on?  Has anyone ever responded?  Would they admit it?

If I could just come up with some flim flam shenanigans instead of writing this column, maybe I would be flying off to some paradise in my private jet.

To the point, the most useful button on any computer is the one  labeled delete.  It serves the function of ignoring the stupid, low life, manipulative types who work on the naive. This is probably the most notorious example of the multitude of rip off attempts out there today.  But there are many more.  Read about them and weep, hopefully for others.  Katrina and Ike spawned all  kinds of charitable hurricanes after the initial disaster.  The mails, a federal offense, serve to bring all kinds of garbage to our doors.  Telephone solicitation calls, now somewhat checked, have been a wellspring of opportunity for the copious criminals who work on our sympathies. 

There are numerous ways to block this flood of attempts to make us rich and give us abundance of all kinds.  Turn off the computer, hit the delete button, filter calls, enroll in do not call services, send junk mail back to the sender, at their cost.  Go on line and email them REMOVE your name notices.  This is a war against dishonest people attempting to infiltrate our privacy and right to say NO.

Take up the standard today.  Put down the wicked ones.  And, by the way, on television, if they have to give their phone number more than twice, turn it off.   Its time for the hucksters and hoaxters to be met with real, genuine, honest Americans who can JUST SAY NO!

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