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Anticipation for the Future

Here it is the week in December, the last month of the first year of the second decade of the 21st century.  Wow! Are we ready for the challenge, the implications, the revelations, perhaps the revolutions that are bound to come?  All of it won’t happen in this month, of course.  December is a particularly perplexing time, mixed as it is with preparation, anticipation, celebration and even some commiseration.

Fortunate am I, for my birthday falls on the very last day of December, the 31st.  Over the years I have exclaimed and enjoyed pointing out that everyone celebrates on my birthday.  Why shouldn’t my own attitude then be one of deep and genuine satisfaction?  Naive as it may sound, I also point out that, every year for several years, when we made our annual trek to our cabin in Colorado, we passed through Farmington, New Mexico.  And, every year, there was a parade, always, so I thought and chose to believe, in our honor.  That it happened on the weekend of July 4 did not seem to matter to me. My perception was what counted.

Celebration is a Choice

Ergo, isn’t it something of a truism that how we perceive our days, the time allowed us, the waiting weeks ahead, the occasions of joy and even sometimes trouble allow us to make them into times of celebration or commiseration. They can be sour or sweet.  They can be special or ordinary.  They can be unique, unrepeatable, and absolutely sterling.  They can be dull and forgettable, leaving no impression on our minds or memories.

Many will choose celebration as the mark of some of the days that are yet to come this month.  After all it is a month for celebrations of various themes, types, and opportunities. Many will decorate and stock pantry and bar in preparation for invited guests, persons with whom celebrating makes the occasion extraordinary. Such is to be expected.  Some suggestions:  Make it real.  Make it safe.  Make it memorable.  Make it unique and valued.

Others will choose quieter ways to mark their holidays.  That is, for some, as it should be.  Let the solemnity of the event be the event.  Reflection is an appropriate activity to engage in at such times.

Whatever the days ahead hold for you, let them be days that are bountifully full of joy and thanksgiving, happiness and shared laughter, good times, times that count, times  for memory making. Nothing should be bland or without its own spice for the occasion.  Nothing should be overlooked for contributing to the genuineness of the holiday.  Go all out.  Transform your spirits, that may be tempted to dread the season, into all kinds of inspirations to find elation and good cheer at such a time. Let there be no commiseration, only celebration!

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