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Seniors Prepare for Holidays

Twenty five days away and the preparations will all be made, the gifts wrapped, the shopping completed, the guests will be on their way or will have arrived.  Sounds all so easy.  But the rush and rumble of the holidays is seldom that.  Getting ready is more than half  of what makes the holidays holidays.

Tips for Making Holidays Special

Some suggestions, in passing, for making it what it is best meant to be:

Keep stress at a minimum.  Don’t allow the demands of others to interfere with your choice to enable a tranquil holiday for you and your guests.

Enable your home to be a comfortable and inviting place for friends and family to gather. Do not obsess over its ambiance, let the ambiance be what it is and your guests will add to it.

Tuck away surprises, whether it is under the tree, under a plate at meal time, on a pillow, wherever.  Such moments give special meaning to the occasion.

Allow your guests to help.  Don’t try to do it all or be all to everyone.  Let them know that becoming a part of the season in your home means they get to contribute and share in making it come together.

If you have forgotten something, substitute.  Don’t let minor things interfere with the harmony of the day.

Be sure the children are included, but don’t give them center stage full time.  A holiday is for everyone.  Stories, singing, photo ops, sharing gifts, enjoying goodies, trying out that new item you have been waiting  for all make up the day. Don’t give permission to anyone to dominate the day.

When time nears for some to leave and others to stay, do the appropriate good bye thing and send them on their way.  This will assume everyone will have participated in preparations and clean up. Don’t put  the burden on one person.

When the day has been completed and the time has come to relax and take a deep breath, do so knowing that you have provided an absolutely stellar occasion for you and your guests to enjoy. Be ready for someone else to take on the hosting function next year.  Of such is a good holiday made.



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