Twelve Reasons to Care: A Message for Seniors

May 5th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

One of my most admired friends follows the 12 Step Program religiously.  His life’s orientation centers around it.  There is good reason.  He has known the hardship and adversity of alcoholism and drug abuse.  The deadening influence of both either teach you to respect the 12 Steps or the disease will finally kill you.  He knows that from candid experience.  Without embarrassment he tells the story.  Every time he does his own resolve to live a better life becomes stronger.  If you ever have the chance to hear him, you will be inspired, moved and transformed in your own ways.

Because of my friend, I have developed some rules or steps of my own.  I call them Twelve Reasons to Care.  These are they:

  • Care about others more than you do yourself.
  • Care about the universe, our ultimate home, and give it tender attention.  It is the only home we have and we must be committed to sustain its natural state.
  • Care about other persons, whose lives are heavily dependent on our caring.  Give them a sense of compassion and genuine regard.  Humans, no matter their ethnicity or condition, deserve respect and affection.
  • Care about animals.  Adopt a pet.  Show them that you are capable of  deep and abiding respect.
  • Care that the environment immediately around you is tended well.  That will likely expand the boundaries of your caring.
  • Care for older persons, those whose health is frail, whose life is becoming more fragile.
  • Care for children.  There are many who have been and continue to be abused.  Rescue them from callous treatment.
  • Care for people who seem so bitter and resentful of others.  Perhaps your caring will quell their animosity.
  • Care for your country, but in a healthy, giving and volunteering way.
  • Care for appearances.  Pick up litter and refuse.  Let persons know that the environment is all our responsibility.
  • Care for courtesy.  Be kind and thoughtful to others.
  • Care that your caring may be contagious.  Surely in a time when caring is at a premium we can do our best to spread it.

When life seems so full of uncaring and insensitive behaviors, why don’t we begin our own campaign to offer caring from ourselves to others.  Perhaps the results will surprise us and enable us to find many more ways to demonstrate caring and allow its spread.

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