Trying to Get Your Attention!

Dec 2nd, 2008 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Okay, senior citizens, old folks, aging brethren and sisters, over the hill gang, friends over 50, retirees, people who read stuff from AARP… I need your attention!

My principal advisor, (my spouse, daughter and son in law) tell me in order to drive traffic to my site, I need to use certain key words. Slow as I am, I am trying to catch on. Thus, the above references. I hope you will not take offense.

Maybe what I have to say isn’t all that compelling. Maybe I like it and a few dozen others, but otherwise it is destined for the dustbin of journalistic history.

A few background notes: I started writing in high school. The theme of the week in high school was never a platform for my skills. The themes that did well usually dwelt on Civil War (The War Between the States) motifs. When chosen editor of the high school paper, I found my niche.

Following on that I was editor of first one and then the other periodicals, including my college weekly. In my career choice as a Methodist minister, I not only edited a variety of church publications. Of course, I wrote a weekly sermon and newsletter.

Maybe all of that doesn’t count for much, but it has ended up contributing to my hobby as a fly by night writer, an opinionator, a run off at the mouth type who has an opinion on almost any subject. These are not necessarily good writing qualifications, but it sure drives you to try.

Comes the Internet Age! This is when one is given opportunity for the rubber to hit the road. So for the last several months, I have found the investment of creative desire and just the fun of being out there a heavy motivation for attempting to write yet again.

Traffic has been fairly good, according to our sources, but it would be wonderful to have some direct feedback from friend or foe. I don’t need a lot of nudging, but a little would be pleasing. Letters to the Editor are favorite columns, even now. So, with your willingness to take the time and my need to hear from you, will you consider giving me some ideas, criticisms, comments? No praise is required. And, if you like, I will be pleased to respond directly to you. Thank you from one senior citizen in this cyber world of anonymity to another.

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