Trust Violated and Broken

Mar 26th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

The raging tempest in the Roman Catholic Church over abuse has brought low the once mighty institution whose presence once seemed without blemish. Of course, for decades, the Church has been met with confrontations questioning its integrity and that of its leadership.  It is now time to “fess up.” The Church has seemed to harbor literally hundreds of priests while denying  the violation of hundreds of victims for decades.  No amount of apology or evasion will do.  It is time to clean house.

And cleaning house will require radical decisions and active initiatives to cleanse the Church of its willingness to look the other way for so long.  Respect and honor is due only to those who live by the standards that earn respect and honor.  Wearing brightly colored cassocks and chasubles do not a priest make.  Standing before a congregation speaking in clerical tones does not a religious expositor make. 

The Roman Catholic Church has, for centuries, played on the superstitions and myths of a religion that has created and exploited guilt on the part of its constituents.  It has placed persons in roles who had no business being there, in positions of power and unquestioned authority.  It has granted priests, cardinals and other players the latitude to cover up and deny any acts of wrong doing over years of their service in parishes and elsewhere.  It has amounted to a fraternity of self interest, in which victims were abused and priests were protected.  How sad and sorry a tale.  How terrible a thing to exploit the very ones whose lives were being led to grace by graceless individuals.  How profane that persons in authority used their authority to deprecate others.

It will be a long time, perhaps generations, before trust violated can and will be restored.  It will take more than platitudes, from the Pope down, to repair the broken faith of those so insulted.  No institution should have the right to squander its authority in pursuit of its own carnal desires.  No institution should be exempt from having to face its own guilt and clean its own house.  No person should feel any remorse at turning his/her back on a church which has abused its own reputation.  Every institution from baseball  or golf  to the church owes it to its constituents to hold up its right to be admired.  When it doesn’t, it is time for those who hold those institutions, and others, in reverence to seek other options in which they can place their loyalty and admiration.

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