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Senior Travelers Use Caution

While frequent senior travelers are sophisticated enough to stay ahead of the many interruptions that can influence a trip, those who are more recently booking international travel are advised to BE AWARE.

Travel trade is a major source of income for many of the more desirable locations across the world.  However, planning a trip that may face cancellation won’t be a pleasant experience for you or the company assisting you in travel plans.

It behooves the senior planner to be aware of all the possible deterrents to a trip.  Knowing the natural and other circumstances influencing a trip’s promises may mean delaying or indefinitely postponing or outright cancellation of a long dreamed of holiday.

Our travel edition, edited by Jim Becker, may be found at   Check with Jim for updates and notifications which may affect your trip plans.

International Travel Plans

International travel carries some different issues as opposed to domestic travel. Not only are there cautions about social and political activity in many foreign countries, but there are also concerns about weather that can significantly affect a holiday. US senior travelers should always check for the most up-to-date information about travel on other continents.

Current and projected weather conditions can also be found online for worldwide travel.  A good site to consult is

Many seniors have waited a long time for international travel. Don’t let it be dampened because you didn’t get available information in advance.

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