Transportation Issues for Seniors

May 8th, 2020 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Seniors Need Mobility

Staying mentally and physically healthy as we seniors age requires maintaining social contacts with friends and family. They can’t always visit us, so we need to have the option of traveling to see them. It might just be on the other side of town, or it might be in the next county or state. Whatever the distance, we need transportation; we need to maintain the option of being mobile.

The National Aging and Disability Transportation Center (NADTC) reports “…nearly 90% of older adults choose to age in place in their communities.” There is a domino-effect here… in order to live successfully in our own homes and/or communities, we must have accessible transportation so we can get to the medical and support services we need. Further, the NADTC says, “While the health impact of reduced access to needed medical services is obvious (missed appointments, emergency hospital visits, lack of continual care), social isolation due to lack of transportation can have an equally negative effect on health and mental health.” If we lose access to reliable and affordable transportation, we face nursing home and assisted living care.

Senior Citizen Transportation Options

We all want to continue to drive as long as we can do so safely. And many of us also rely on transportation provided by friends and family. These two ‘givens’ are at the top of our transportation list.

However, when the time comes to give up the keys (that’s a topic for another article coming soon!), we may still rely on family and friends to get us where we need to go, but there are also other options.

Many communities offer several transportation options for seniors. These include private or community-funded transportation services for seniors (generally curb-to-curb rides), volunteer transportation services, assisted transportation for seniors who need someone to help them get into a building or who need assistance throughout the ride, self-driving cars, and public transportation.

The best place to find what is offered in your community is to do an Internet search with key words like “senior citizen transportation (your city or locale)”. The list of options pops up and you can begin to research the pros and cons of each to begin to identify how you want to be transported.


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