Transitions and New Beginnings

Jun 12th, 2015 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Changes at Senior Citizen Journal

The Senior Citizen Journal dashboard says it’s been 18 months since the website has been kept current with new material added daily. Many of you followed Dr Jerry D Elrod’s Senior Moments regularly, and looked forward to his magical wordsmith-ing each and every day. Other, more research-based, articles were also added to SCJ on a daily basis… relating to lifestyle choices for seniors, finance, travel, Social Security, Medicare and all things important to senior citizens today. Dr Sharon Shaw Elrod, Jerry’s wife of 40 years, was responsible for most of those articles.

And now life has changed. Ready or not. Jerry died February 8, 2015, just four short months ago. He had been in serious decline for 18 months, and a gradual (sometimes imperceptible) decline for seven years. Health issues showed up with damnable regularity. Some were treatable and some weren’t. At first he was determined and fought back with fierce vigor. But the steady beat of illness and disease began to take its toll, and he began to realize his efforts were no longer productive. He became very tired, and often talked about his fatigue.

Jerry’s heart just stopped, and he died peacefully at home the morning of Sunday, February 8, with his canine boyz by his side.

He and Sharon talked about death. He wasn’t afraid. He was clear about what he wanted her to do with a Celebration of Life Service (actually three of them! He wanted to include friends who were dear and precious to him in East Texas, his home in Fountain Hills, and the church he started in Tucson). He was an organ donor.
He chose cremation; his ashes are inurned at Desert Skies United Methodist Church in Tucson. And some ashes are scattered at places he designated in East Texas. He wanted celebrations of his life, not funeralesque rituals. All of his wishes have been and are being honored. Sharon wrote a statement honoring Jerry’s life which you can find here.

The Future for SCJ

Sharon is taking her time figuring out her ‘new normal’. She will be RV-ing with her three canine boyz and her sister. Her walking/exercise program is now back in full swing. Time will be devoted over the next two years to assist her sister in a clinical trial for a new medication. And her volunteer activities with her church (The Fountains, a United Methodist Church) will continue… and likely increase.

She is also committing to daily writing for Senior Citizen Journal once again. Viewer response over the past eight years has been consistently encouraging. We know you appreciate the commitment we have to providing factual information of interest to senior citizens, not hype and not opinion cloaked in fuzzy language. SCJ articles will always provide documentation for information presented so seniors are able to verify for themselves the veracity of content.

Life moves on. Healthy seniors recognize that fact and gird themselves with support and encouragement for whatever the future holds. We are pleased, once again, to join hands with you all in the march toward our future.

Dr. Sharon Shaw Elrod


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