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Make Your Top List

I LOVE TOP LISTS, especially those that indicate what really is important about what we choose to do with ourselves as we age. Many experts talk about the top ten concerns of senior citizens.

There are so many, everything from the brand of mayonnaise we buy to what time we go to bed.  Some are worth thought.  Others are downright silly.

A week ago, I was introduced to five musts that came about as a result of spending, or maybe it was investing, in several days of being with our immediate family.  I discovered what I have been missing.  I discovered that I had pushed aside, too often, their  presence in my life and had, as a result, missed out on some beautifully satisfying experiences. From that, I awakened to what I had failed to do in my life.  I had failed to make my own list of the top 5 musts at this age of living.

So, I am now putting the brakes on some of the essentially non essential stuff and focusing my attention and affection on what is real and a must in my life.

Here goes:

Number One: The first and absolutely most important must is to love yourself as your neighbor.

This must will influence all others.  This must drives the humanity in human.  This must places compassion for self and others above all else.  This is the penultimate.

Number Two: Treat others as you want to be treated. This Must, as the first, places the emphasis precisely where it does the most good on “other” and on “oneself.”

Number 3: Having taken care of the most of all important, we stretch our awareness and interest to the world around us.  Respect the world as our home.  Protect animals and all living things.  Lend sensitivity to the universe.Elderly : Four happy semiling senior people standing in nature in summer Stock Photo

Number 4: Keep your mind, soul and spirit clean and clear of life’s invading debris. In other words, do not clutter or litter your mental, emotional and psychological world.

Number 5: Protect and preserve the treasures of your life. Keep your body healthy. Let family and friends know your love for them.  Look forward to what lies ahead.

These are capsulized in lists elsewhere.  Try these to see the difference in your own frame of mind; test as a spiritual reference.  Compare with your own musts in your own life.  Determine what difference is made.



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