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Happy Birthday Wishes!

Our son celebrates his 45th birthday today.  Among all the wake up calls, this is a big one.  His having now crossed the line separating youthful aspirations from matter of fact maturity hits us in the face.  The might have beens and could have dones are stacking up.  What really matters now is being content with oneself.  What matters now is that this point in life is seen and affirmed for what it is:  recognizing that unique individual he has become.

Over the years, having found all kinds of letters, notes and other forms of communication, I have done all I can to let him know how special he is.  His gifts to us have been numerous and precious.  He is in a relationship with a woman whose own character references are superb, whose person complements his. She served in the Peace Corps, owns her own business, an Acupuncture Clinic. They are enchanted with each other, and like many are struggling to make a go of it in a time when struggle is the norm.

Joel continues his art work and calls himself a starving artist.  He has been in San Francisco  for some 16 years, not bad for such an expensive place to live.  He has shown his capabilities over and again as he has gone up against many other artists who have their own difficulties.

He has developed ways to enjoy the magnificent wonders of one of the magnificent cities of the world.  His creativity has been his introduction to many opportunities and associations with musicians and artists.

This 45th birthday must be a remarkable moment for looking ahead.  His keen mind and engaging spirit will continue to open new vistas and horizons as he discovers the pathways that are yet open to him.

Whatever awaits out there, we are with you, son.  Whatever explorations and discoveries yet to come will only be an extension of your achievements so far.  May love and grace be abundant.  May joy and serenity abide with and around you.  May this age be the best of all.







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