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Taking Stock of What You Have

Taking inventory was one of the regular tasks that the employees of a small town grocery store were expected to do.  Back in the 50’s, as a teenager earning 50 cents an hour, working in a grocery store was one of the better part time jobs available.  Usually scheduled on a Sunday morning, after a late Saturday night readying the store for its next open day, inventory required the arduous counting and recording of all the merchandise in the store.

There was no heavy lifting, such as stocking the shelves required.  There was only the tedious and sometimes dirty job of counting every single can or bottle in the store.   It was necessary for the store.  It was important to the corporation.  And it was done under the eye of management.

Such may be an annual need for us, as we close out one year’s “busyness” and face another.  How much is left from our previous year’s stock?  How well did we do with all those specialty items, daily need products and so on?  It would tell a story that would help the store (you) to do its job better in the new year.

What story would an inventory tell  of us in the year past?  What do we have left on our shelves?  How much spoilage and damage was done?  How much theft took place?  What did not sell?  What were the hot items?

Take Your Personal Inventory of Last Year

Here are some questions for taking inventory of our own store as we move into the new year. Consider it a method for determining if you are meeting your desired goals, your quotas, your profit margin.


How courteous and thoughtful was I in my treatment of others?

How well did I care for the needs of others with whom I work and live?

How did I care for my own hygiene and appearance so as to be a good representative of my person?

What did I do to care for the surroundings in which I work and live?

How conscientious was I in my relationships and helpfulness among and with others?

How effective was I in the performance of my duties?

How prepared was I in taking on each day’s responsibilities?

Did I greet others with a friendly smile and a warm hello?  Did I show interest in them?

Did I feel good about myself and my performance when I received remuneration for a good days work?

These are among the questions we can ask ourselves as we inventory our past year and prepare for the new one.  Keep in mind, you are the one to judge your behavior and performance.

If you feel good about how you have answered these questions, then be aware that your new year will likely go better and the consequences of your inventory will pay dividends to you as you make your way through the next year.

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