Those Annoying Moments!

Aug 6th, 2008 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Senior Moments. Come 0n, we all have them. Some more frequently than others, but nonetheless real and irritating.

Mine come now so regularly that I have the habit of sitting for a moment to let it pass. I figure forgetfulness should have some benefit, why not a break! I keep trying to find a way to turn the moment into a creative opportunity. Since I have lost something, usually, (not just my mind for a bit) I consider what I could do with the time spent looking for the object or remembering the task. Often, the more I concentrate on the forgotten, the less likely I am to remember.

So, perhaps the counsel which is given about so many interruptions in life is “move on!” Find something else to do and if the object or task is remembered, then it will come in due time and I will not have wasted more time.

Maybe I will come up with the opening line to the Great American Novel. Maybe I will find a treasure in my other thoughts which I knew never was there. Maybe I will benefit from not flaggelating myself over my forgetfulness. Worth a try!

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