This is a Good Day to Stop Worrying

Dec 11th, 2008 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

This is a good day to stop worrying! For the most part most of what happens happens with or without our worry. On a lesser scale, the little things we choose to worry about are likely beyond our control as well.

Yesterday I made a run into town, a 15 mile journey. I was to pick up something for my 89 year old Mother. While there, I chose to run two or three additional errands, thus extending the expected time of my return. My mother announced that she was worried because I had taken longer than she expected.

She did not account for my other errands, decided that meant something had delayed me, about which she chose to put in the category of “worry.”

Many of us spend some time with some frequency choosing to worry. And most of the outcome of what we have selected to worry about, is resolved. Notice ‘resolved’ does not imply either good or bad results. They just resolve. Need for control is often a major contributor to worry. If I just manipulate circumstances enough, then I will be able to alter the outcome. Wrong! People who fret over their children and their behavior when not under the vigilance of a parent are wasting their time. Deciding that somehow we can worry an outcome into the result we desire is a huge deception.

On the larger scale, we have little influence over what happens beyond our front doors. However, there are satisfying occasions when larger events work out to our agreement and satisfaction.

Worry is a cause of ill health, anxiety, frustration, wasted time, nervousness, restlessness, diet problems, and so on. In other words, it is a poor choice for dealing with issues that you feel may directly affect you.

Likely, there is little to no advantage to worry. Concern is a more nearly positive approach, but likewise may carry with it, carrying it too far. Investing energy output in other pursuits will enable time to pass, the outcome to be known and the results to be more favorable.

Frankly, worry litters your life. Recycle worry into something useful and productive and worth while. Give it the boot. Junk worry. It has no real value and need not be kept in the closets of your mind and spirit.

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