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The Moving ‘To Do’ List

Okay, the move is over.  Now begins the deluge of things to get done in your new domicile. You have taken care of the utilities, something needed by you upon your arrival and the water, electricity and sundry other services are in place and operating satisfactorily.  What’s next?

If you have a land line, get ready for a stampede of solicitation calls.  Find out quickly how to put a stop to those annoying sales calls.  Don’t delay.  The longer you are out there, they will do all they can to get their proverbial foot in the door.  If you are fortunate, you will head off all the attempts to get your attention.  If not, you may be awakened at 5 a.m. with a friendly voice you really don’t want to hear.

Be sure you activate garbage pick up.  For the next several weeks a mountain will have grown outside your home.  Our mountain consisted of so many liquor boxes that the truck driver opined an intervention may be necessary.  Had I had only a portion of spirits represented by those boxes I would likely have been in a better frame of mind throughout the move.

Stock your pantry.  For a few days you may want to choose to eat out.  But have some goodies in the house to reward you now and again.

Be sure all your prescriptions/medications are transferred to your new address. Primary care physician records need to be sent to your new medical office as soon as possible.

Any changes in insurance (auto, homeowners, umbrella, etc) need to be made immediately.

Recruit assistance. Find someone who can lift heavy boxes and discard empty ones.  Your life will be better for it if you relieve your home and garage of the unsightliness that comes from all the packing materials you accumulate as you unpack.

Decide whether to take the daily paper to know what’s available for your distraction and entertainment.  Knowing that there will be life on the other side of the move can be encouraging.

Record your losses. If breakage or other damage occurs, report it to your mover ASAP.  You may be entitled to compensation.

Choose to get rid of more of the stuff you moved by creating a  Goodwill bin. Get rid of absolutely anything that you will never need or use again.

If your new neighbors drop by, be polite, but resist spending too much time visiting.  There will be plenty of time for over the backyard fence gossip when you have settled in.

If you have family or friends you feel good about who want to help, by all means encourage them.  Every hand that replaces or joins yours is one more hand closer to finding the end of the tunnel.


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