The Well Person Exam: A Senior’s Obligation

Oct 13th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Like flies surrounding a meringue pie, the number of appointments are increasing.  Good news:  the annual Well Person Physical Exam came out in our favor. Both my spouse and I came through with stellar reports.  Of course, there are some bothersome matters which require further analysis.  One, for me, is what is called gait instability and has to do with some balance issues.  Hopefully that can be addressed and assisted with some physical therapy and then we’re off to deal with some vision issues which are somewhat troublesome, particularly for one who has had three corneal transplants. 

The real point here is to remain alert to health check ups which, when scheduled at appropriate intervals, may head off difficult or more serious matters, if left to “wait and see” approaches. 

None of us looks forward to medical appointments.  After all, there is always that looming anxiety that something could show up which portends more difficult matters requiring attention.  That, however, does not alter the need for regular, comprehensive check ups with your primary physician and further referrals that may prove necessary.

Many insurance companies mandate Well Person Exams and tie those exams to a review of coverage offered by and provided through the insurance company.  Many companies will pay for the examinations and/or will forgo increases in premiums.  Thus, it is in the patient’s self interest to pay close attention

to the schedules by which these exams should be done and to meet the obligations outlined by the Insurance Company.  After all, everybody wins when your health remains good and your reports reflect that you are taking good care of yourself. 

There is no reasonable excuse to procrastinate in meeting the examination schedule, making sure that your provider is informed as to the outcome of the report and following up on any recommended medications, treatments, additional examinations that may be indicated. 

Health issues are priority one for seniors.  Losing a grip on your having reasonably good health, a well balanced diet, adequate exercise, a rest regimen, elimination of stress and anxiety can mean that the balance of your retirement years will be threatened by more than frequent visits to your physician.  Because, I am so impressed with the medical thoroughness of our physician, I look forward to having her offer her counsel to me for my own welfare.  Being enabled to be healthy and forewarned, if necessary, is far better than an unexpected surprise.

It’s your life, so do what it takes to keep yourself healthy and your stamina in good shape.

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