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Olympians, Dedicated and Goal-Oriented

Nudging out the bad news and undesirable political infighting, the Olympics have offered us a refreshing alternative and distraction.  It is incredible to watch these dedicated and single minded individuals as they undertake the challenges of winning. They are driven, indeed, by ambition and commitment and determination.  They are role models for the young and an inspiration for the old.

They offer a photograph of what it takes to get there and once there to excel.   They aren’t easily dissuaded.  They are intent upon their goal.  They are motivated by the sheer will to win.

This is what it takes to excel.  This is what it takes to take on a goal and to be pushed to the limit to achieve it.  This is what it takes to represent a country, to be confident enough to say “yes, I can.”

This is what it takes to stimulate the crowds who watch to be invested in the outcome of these contests.  It takes support and will power and full bodied commitment to be ready for the moment.

Seniors Share the Joy of Victory

This is what it takes.  And it takes the rest of us urging them on to make it to the finish line.  It takes the rest of us to see in them ourselves, willing to make sacrifices with them so that achievement can be the outcome.  This is what it takes to be a nation of doers, of winners, of achievers.  This is why the Olympics are so widely watched and wildly popular.   We gain a self confidence by observing how they do it.  We feel a part of their victory, just by vicariously experiencing what they go through.

Maybe this contagion can catch and spread and infiltrate and become a common thing among us.  Maybe the Olympics can be a microcosm of our world, in which people congratulate each other even when they have lost and uphold each other in our victories.

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