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A Senior’s Birthday Greeting

She is 69 today.  We have been together for 37 years.  It has been a time of growth, wonder, love, fulfillment and all the magnificence of a remarkable relationship. It blossoms and grows daily.   It is ours and the worth of it increases with every life’s moment.

When I look at her I know that all of this is shared.  It is and has always been a two-way street. Were there rough spots and hills to climb and detours to avoid along the way?  Of course!  But all of those have been slight compared to the wonder of shared readiness to take them on.

Now, we are in our sterling years.  We are at that time when life takes on mesmerizing shapes and unexpected surprises and occasional disappointments. Just recovering from a corneal transplant, my fourth, and a couple of other health issues, she has been there for me all the way.  No surprise.  She always is.  This is the mystique of an enduring relationship.  This is the reward of all those accumulated years and shared commitment.

The Journey Together

What’s ahead?  A series of new adventures and more surprises and  wonders untold.  What will give the remaining years more than we deserve and a richness we cannot  fathom?  Continuing a journey we committed to in 1975, we will find that an enduring relationship unfolds with a magic of its own.  Like all that has gone before it will be abundant with blessings, met with its own struggles, for after all, all of life is, and blended with love and tears and hope and fascination just like all those that have gone before.

So, my love, this is not a greeting card, pondered over the counter of a drug store selection.  It is me, your heart of hearts, attempting to say in faltering words and the only language I know for saying:  I love you more now than on that very first night so long ago and again on that evening of bliss when we shared our vows and yesterday and, of course, I will still love you in all the tomorrows to come.

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