The Milk of Human Kindness

Aug 12th, 2008 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

What is it about humans that we draw satisfaction out of being judgmental? I don’t know about you, although I have my suspicions, but I expect, like me, you have made a whole truck load of mistakes, bad calls, irrational and poor choices. My guess is that those have created pain and frequent conflict in your life. They surely have in mine.

So, how does it happen that when someone of national prominence, in politics or entertainment or business, falls, some seem to derive macbre satisfaction from their falling.Talk shows and newscasts and blogs and emails fly around the accused. Their pain is likely already very deep. But we seem to enjoy piling on and adding to and pointing out the frailties of another.

Does it somehow make us more pure. I thought 99.44% was about the best we could do. By the way that was once the adverting claim of Ivory Soap, “99.44% pure.” By my calculation I never quite measured up to that. By my estimates, I have fallen far short. By my own confession, I know what my failures are and have been.

So, when we come across someone who has stumbled rather badly, why don’t we find a way to exercise forgiveness, understanding, compassion. Leave judgment to trials and juries and judges. That is their job and assignment. But out here, in the world where the rest of us have to live, can we not offer the milk of human kindness?

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