The “I” in Internet

Feb 13th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Some over 70, more over 80 and likely even more over 90 are computer illiterate. This is not a callous judgment. It just is. However, on the surprising side there are some over 100 who have chosen to learn to use a computer and become familiar with the Internet.

The I in Internet has less to do with illiteracy than it does a whole lot of other I’s that show up around getting acquainted with this phenomenon of technological miracles. As in the case of television, it is fitted for both good and evil, productivity and wasting time, good and bad entertainment, information, and a never ending stream of news.

But, there are other I’s in Internet. These are some:

Internet I # 1: Interruption. You are in the middle of some important document or important piece you have discovered on the Internet when suddenly you are interrupted by a pop up which tells you someone wants to talk with you, has sent you an email, there is an urgent message in your inbox, etc. This is when, as with the phone or an intruder at your door, you need to exercise restraint. Internet does not relieve you of control. Maintain it. Whatever it is, it can wait!.

Internet I # 2: Idea. One of the absolute marvels of the Internet is the multitude of ideas contained within it, literally at our fingertips. To think all Charles Dickens had was a quill pen, a bottle of ink, and paper. We have anything we want 24/7, including phrases and jargon Charles Dickens never considered.

Internet I #3: Inspiration. While inspiration bubbles up from all kinds of sources, the Internet is a daily horn of plenty. While you were sleeping last night, someone came up with some utterly outlandish inspirations that today can make your life more exciting, revved up and ready to go. Whether its educational, spiritual philosophical, socio-political, mathematical, ad infinitum, it is out here in this wonderful universe of cyber space waiting to be uncovered, discovered, recovered, perhaps at last covered over with even another inspiration yet.

Internet I # 4: Intimate. If you are alone or lonely, it is even possible to strike up meaningful acquaintances around the world. Prudence and boundaries may be two disciplines that need to be called upon in this pursuit, but the exchange is really up to you.

Internet I # 5: Introduction. You may be invited to explore beyond your imagination all kinds of subjects, finding the introductions in almost hidden and subtly lurking in searches, sites and scenes your eyes pick up on.

Internet I # 6: Inundation. Some further discipline may be required lest the Internet begin to tempt you into addiction. To be overwhelmed is a lurking danger which may pull you away from other necessary healthy and real interactions.

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