The Economy: Finding Light in the Darkness

Nov 24th, 2008 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

One of my favorite critics shared with me that she thought perhaps my columns were “too pessimistic of late.” I think she may be right. However, my lack of optimism is predicated on good sources. My thoughts today are along the lines of an explanation, not an excuse.

I read voraciously from a variety of well qualified sources who reinforce what has become my perception of world and economic affairs. I watch intently the more balanced of the pundits. I try to evaluate this information based upon philosophical and economic indicators which give foundation to theories and historical perspectives.

This is not a defense for being pessimistic; it is an explanation that guides my lack of optimism. Will we “get through this?” Will circumstances improve? Will persons, now in the millions, return to gainful employment? Will major companies who are experiencing major reversals recover? In an interconnected financial world, will the recovery come more easily or be less likely? With all the complexity attendant on the dynamics that pushed us to this point, will this new administration assist our overcoming the dark and down sides of a world wide event?

These are not questions grounded in pessimism, but inspired by the goings on of a daily grind of down signs. This is not reason for pessimism, but does provoke a profound test on the realities facing large segments of our society and world.

Beyond that, I am also aware of those who carry the possibilities of world collapse to an even scarier outcome. Trying to balance between the extremes and to keep a point of view which avoids “sky is falling” syndrome and a happy go lucky view that “all is well,” is the real challenge.

Those who read this column are encouraged to share your own feedback, assisting myself and others to try to reach that balance. How are you coping? What is your world view and how do you keep it informed? How do you try to shed light on the darkness? Indeed, how do you hold the darkness back?

Please offer your comments at the end of my blog posts. You needn’t identify yourself, unless you choose. Let’s get a dialog going about these questions!

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